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London’s Leading Steel-Manufacturing Company, Mittalsteel, Selects Radmin


covering mobile computing and high performance

Mittalsteel is one of London’s leading steel companies, a part of Arcelor Mittal – a leader in all major global markets, including automotive construction, household appliances and packaging as well as supplies of raw materials and distribution networks. Mittalsteel Company LTD has a balanced geographic diversity within all the key steel markets. It has 320,000 employees in more than 60 countries. Products of Mittalsteel include semi-finished steel, wire rod, tubes and gas pipelines, and many others. The philosophy of Mittalsteel is to deliver high-quality and competitive steel products that correspond to client’s highest demands.

The IT department of Mittalsteel, situated in London, includes 160 employees – IT managers, system administrators, programmers, Helpdesk employees -in 2 locations. They support 130 desktops, servers and LAN environment. The main purpose for remote control implementation is to support remote shipping office with minimal need to travel.

“If a user had a problem, our specialists often traveled 8 miles to see what was going on with his computer. And he could have not one, but several users’ requests a day: the post could not work, or something could be wrong with software – bugs, failures and what not! They spent too much time traveling so we decided to implement remote control software to solve users’ problems without leaving the workplace”.
Mario Meyers, ICT-manager of Mittalsteel

Effective remote support was the main aim to implement Radmin into branchy IT-infrastructure of Mittalsteel. The recently released new version of Radmin is rich in functionality and allows doing several tasks where users previously needed a few products. It is an integrated solution, popular for its unprecedented speed of work, reliable data protection, ease-of-use and reasonable price.

To provide unprecedented speed of work, the developers of Radmin implemented innovative DirectScreenTransfer technology. With this outstanding driver, the program works as fast as even the previous version didn’t. High speed of work remarkably reduces CPU usage and increases performance.

“Radmin is just what we needed for effective remote control, says Mario Meyers. Our specialists are of high opinion about the work with a remote screen – they can work in different color modes, in a window or in a full-screen mode, also on multiple monitors. Effective remote support in many aspects depends on how quickly a specialist can see what is going on at the remote screen. Radmin helps transfer the screen without any delays or bugs”.

Besides effective technologies for work on a remote screen, Radmin is worldwide-popular for its highest security standards. The new version gives all that is needed for reliable data protection: strong 256-bit AES-encryption for all data transferred, modified Diffie-Hellman algorithm for user authentication, smart protection from password-guessing. With Radmin a user can be absolutely sure that his data will not be stolen, modified or damaged.

The approach, when an IT specialist had to travel to a remote user’s workplace, is not effective as it causes remarkable time and finance expenses. Mario Meyers is of opinion, that with Radmin the IT-employees do the same job, but without the need to visit remote workplaces. It is more convenient just to connect to a remote computer and solve the problem without any need to leave the workplace. Remote support makes the work of the enterprise more effective, helps optimize business-processes and reduces the time of delay in case of a failure.

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