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Silvergold Systems in Australia adopts Radmin


covering high availability, performance and security.

Silvergold Systems was formed with the intention of providing high quality Point of Sale (POS) related products and services to the retail community. With over 20 years of experience in retail technology, Silvergold Systems understands what works and what doesn't and how to maximize return on investment. The company stocks a wide range of industry leading hardware and software products with a proven track record in the retail industry and offers solid after-sales support to ensure they perform just as expected.

Situated in Marsfield, Sydney, but with clients across the whole of the continent, Silvergold Systems employs leading-edge remote administration tools to administer support assistance via the internet - often instantly.

The company includes 2 employees, working at 1 location. Their computing environment includes a small LAN consisting of 4 Intel-based PCs, running on Windows XP platform.

“One of the greatest challenges to us is the vast distances between cities and town centers. Our client may be 1000 km away from our office. That is why the question of effective support for remote users is critically important for us. We tried to use other remote control solutions, but very often we came across to unwieldy solutions, prone to not working correctly. Sooner or later we were disappointed by their slow speed of work, remarkable number of vulnerabilities and sets of some unnecessary features, which didn’t provide effective results, and, what is more, made even the simplest tasks more complicated.”
Gary J. Simmons, the owner of Silvergold Systems

The employees of Silvergold Systems were impressed with Radmin since the first time they began using it. Radmin successfully combines rich functionality with the absence of complicated additional features.

Radmin does not make remarkable demands to operating systems: all that is necessary for a Radmin installation is any Windows operation system and access to Internet. The user can work properly either with a high-speed channel or using a modem connection, which can sometimes be very slow. What is more, implementing and operating Radmin does not require any special computer skills.  Companies do not need to make investments into expensive training and the specialists do not have to spend extra time visiting the workplaces of the remote users to solve their problems. For an IT administrator, all you have to do is just to connect to the remote computer and explain to the user how a program works or how to fix some problem with a software application.

Radmin was always famous for its unprecedented speed of work. Speed is a remarkable factor in choosing a remote control product. The effect of remote control tool’s work depends on how fast an employee can answer the remote user’s request.

The employees of the company work mainly in the Full Control and File Transfer modes of Radmin. In File Transfer mode the user can copy files to or from the remote computer without any need to use intermediate server or experiment with e-mail applications. File Transfer in Radmin gives the ability to copy files directly to or from the remote computer. Full Control mode provides server cursor support by means of remote cursor replacement and drawing screen updates. In Full Control mode the user can also launch other connections, such as file transfer, text chat, voice chat, telnet, etc.

Available price is another important factor for choosing a remote control product. Unlike other products of this kind, the usage of Radmin does not require any user charge and a single license price is several times lower than the prices of competitors.

“For me it is important to work with a fast, stable and easy-to-use tool. Radmin successfully combines all of those qualities. Now I do not need to spend a lot of time to visit the workplace of a remote user to explain how this or that program works or to solve his or her problem. So, I can fully confirm that Radmin meets all our demands. I’ve been using the product for about 4 years. It is my preferred remote control tool.”
Gary J. Simons

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