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Radmin in Bridon’s IT infrastructure


covering simplicity and efficiency

Bridon’s standing in a demanding worldwide market stems   from the ability to provide a comprehensive and competitive range of solutions in steel wire, wire rope and strand. Bridon delivers more than high quality wire and rope products, as our customers benefit from a seamless service from initial specification and product selection through to on site operational support where desired.

Superior products of Bridon rely on continuous innovation, quality assurance and technical expertise throughout the organization and along the supply chain. As the world leader in specialist high performance wire and wire ropes, Bridon is constantly extending the boundaries of technology. Extensive research and development ensures continual revisions and improvements to our comprehensive product range.

Bridon products provide solutions to the most arduous and technically demanding challenges, extensively used in construction, mining, oil & gas extraction, telecommunications, automotive components and other specialized areas of engineering – Markets where there can be no compromise over product performance and integrity. The IT department of Bridon includes 250 employees, working on 9 locations. Those specialists have to support 250 end-user PCs, connected to LANs and WANs and based on Windows XP. Servers run on Windows 2003. The number of users is rather large and it could be quite difficult to solve each and every problem by visiting them. That is why IT-specialists decided to implement Radmin to control users’ machines remotely.

“I think most of our employees came to a conclusion that it is much easier just to connect to a remote machine and do all the needed actions, rather than to travel to users. As a person responsible for the stable work of servers, I often connected via Radmin to remote servers from home. It is very important to see our machines up and running and Radmin is just what we need for effective remote control”.
Mike Hastock, System manager of Bridon

Radmin is one of the most easy-to-use programs: though the feature set is rich, none of the  “value-added features” complicate the program’s work. Even a user, who has minimum computer skills, can easily work with Radmin.  The program is also suitable for online-training and for teaching how to work with new software.

The solution has rich opportunities for work with a remote screen. The screen can be viewed in full-size, in a window or in a scaled mode. Radmin transfers remote screen in 2, 4, 16, 256, 65 thousand or 16 million colors without any delays and the need to increase channel capacity.

As Radmin works very fast, there is no need to travel to a remote workplace. A new driver of video capture, signed by Microsoft, provides an unprecedented speed of work. The name of this technology is DirectScreenTransfer (common name Video Hook Driver). It reduces CPU usage and increases channel capacity. High speed means high effect – with this innovative technology Radmin works faster, as never before.

Mike Hanstock says, that it became much easier to administer remote computers and servers and also to support users. To his opinion, remote control is more effective than explaining over the phone or e-mail as it increases productivity both of the end-user and IT specialist.

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