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Radmin – an ideal solution for the Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company Helpdesk


covering efficiency and high performance

Since 1947 Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company has been proudly serving Idahoans. They provide the most comprehensive farm and ranch insurance in the state, covering both commercial and private farms. The company provides a great number of insurance products including personal, commercial, non-standard insurance, as well as life insurance and annuity products.

The Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company has an agency force of over 145 agents with 48 offices across the state. It is the largest originator of farm and ranch insurance business in the state, serving over 33 % of the market. In addition to a wide variety of insurance products and services, the company also provides investment opportunities and financing through Farm Bureau Finance Company. The Idaho Farm Bureau is a member of the American Farm Bureau Federation, a national organization of farmers and ranchers with state and county Farm Bureau member organizations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

The Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company has improved overall business operations by using Radmin remote control software by Famatech. Recognizing the need for providing desktop-specific support to their network of insurance agents who are located throughout the state of Idaho, the company turned to Radmin to streamline their business. Dennis Woodward, the member of Network Service Group stated: “Initially, we chose Radmin because of it small footprint on the host machines versus that of its competitors. We soon realized we had an extremely powerful technical support tool in Radmin, and best of all, it was simple for our agents to understand and easy for them to use”.

One of Famatech’s chief tasks was to create a secure and easy-to-use remote access, which allows users to work on several computers through a simple and familiar graphic interface. Advanced encryption algorithms make Radmin the most secure remote access program. In addition, Radmin includes an innovative screen capture technology called DirectScreenTransfer™ that provides a blazing speed of data transfer of a remote computer’s screen. Users can run programs, manage files, e-mail, print remote documents locally and access contacts and calendar information stored on a remote computer.

The IT department of the company has approximately 200 agents and employees in 43 different locations throughout the state of Idaho. The Client maintains corporate Intranet LAN headquartered in Pocatello, ID with approximately 500 employees and agents statewide and approximately 300 employees located in the Home Office in Pocatello.

The Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company uses Radmin to improve their business processes:

  • Greatly improves the company’s end-user productivity by keeping the network PC’s and servers running at all times
  • Increases helpdesk  service quality by significantly improving response times
  • Maximizes end-user productivity and minimize downtime by speedy problem resolution
  • Monitors employees’ use of computers for possible unauthorized activities
  • Makes online voice and text chat communication secure
  • Increases performance and response times and eliminates travel expenses for the company’s helpdesk technicians.

“Radmin has become our premier tool for remote desktop support. We have used Radmin for several years now and we are extremely satisfied. This is a winning combination when dealing with non-technical users such as our insurance sales force”
Dennis Woodward
Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company

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