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Saudi Airlines Catering serves up Radmin


covering high availability and performance.

Saudi Airlines Catering’s priority is to produce high quality service to airline customers. Saudi Catering units located in Saudi Arabia and in Cairo (Egypt) produce and deliver freshest food in a timely manner. Catering teams of Saudi Airlines combine to ensure that the record of customer satisfaction is maintained now and in the future.

Saudi Airlines Catering has a great amount of IT specialists – over 1500, working at 6 locations: 2 in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), others in Riyadh, Dammam, Medinah and Cairo.
The company has a broad and distributed IT infrastructure: LANs and WANs, 1500 desktops and 150 laptops. The structure of every LAN includes a big number of Cisco Switchers and routers at each location, fiber optic cables and UTP Cat6 cables. WANs in Jeddah, Riyadh and Medina include VPNs, storages and gateways. Desktops and laptops are based on Windows 2003 32bit, Windows XP, Windows Vista Enterprise.

The small number of support teams cause the necessity to implement a remote control solution into IT infrastructure. System administrators often have to answer end users’ requests and travel to remote locations – be it new software to learn or a non-working printer. IT departments can be understaffed and hard-pressed for resources at times, while, of course, the bugs and malfunctions still keep coming and cannot be avoided.  Business processes slow down. The administration of the Saudi Catering IT department decided to implement a remote control product – to provide basic system support for end users in critical areas and for remote administration over a distributed (branched) server structure.

“There is a rich choice of solutions on the remote control market, but it is not so easy to choose the right one- that could work stable and effectively and cost a reasonable price. I have spoken to some of my colleagues and came to a conclusion that we should try Radmin, produced by Famatech”.
Ahmad Talah al Maroqui,
head of Saudi Catering’s infrastructure and security section

First Ahmad downloaded the trial version and installed it on his office computer. The result was really amazing – he got immediate access to his remote desktop in the office. Later he began to advance the idea of implementing the solution for a whole enterprise. The solution was supported by Ahmad’s colleagues and the results were really impressive.

“I heard many positive things about Radmin, and most of them referred to the new version – recently released Radmin 3.0. My colleagues said it was the fastest remote control they’ve ever worked with and the most convenient one”.
Ahmad Talah al Maroqui

As some of the computers in Saudi Airlines Catering are equipped with Vista, it was very important to find the solution that should be fully compatible with the new OS. Radmin is the first remote control program that can reliably work under Windows Vista as it corresponds to the highest demands of the OS: its security standards and visualization technologies.

According to Ahmad Talah al Maroqui, “with Radmin it became much easier to support remote users. There is no need to travel to my colleagues’ workplaces or to explain over the phone, how this or that works, where to click the mouse and what button to push. And with innovative text and voice chat it is really amazing – we not only connect to remote users’ computers, we can talk or write messages just like with public instant messaging systems.  Unlike the previous solution, Radmin’s text and voice chat feature reliably protect the information we exchange during our meetings, so, it will not be available to malicious users.

We have a very distributed network infrastructure and it is important to effectively support all our servers and workstations in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  The success of business as a whole depends on it. My colleagues and I consider Radmin one of the most remarkable industry’s achievements during the last few years.

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