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Radmin – the choice for Wax Digital Ltd.


covering productivity and ease-of-use

Wax Digital Ltd. is one of Europe’s leading providers of on-demand purchasing and spend management solutions, accelerating the performance at every stage of the 2P2 lifecycle for some of the world’s leading companies. Wax Digital goal is to develop strategic relationships with its clients. The company’s solutions are in operation with 230,000 users across Europe and carry over ? 1 billion in trade annually.

“Wax Digital Ltd. is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, located in Manchester England. We host in excess of 80 Microsoft application servers in 2 separate hosting centres based around Manchester city Centre. All 3 locations are connected via a WAN connection of dedicated bandwidth, using VPN tunnels to communicate. These systems are all managed remotely by our internal Network Support Team, and host applications which are utilised in 21 countries, by over 230,000 users for some of the worlds leading companies.”
Mr Sean McCarrol
IT Service Delivery Manager

As Wax Digital Ltd. continued to take more clients, and the number of servers to be managed within the hosting centres grew, it became obvious that an easy to manage remote control solution was necessary. The company was looking for remote control software to support employees whilst home working and to run remote demonstrations.

Wax Digital recently discovered the right solution. IT professionals at the company now rely on remote control software Radmin by Famatech, each day, to provide real-time remote support to clients. The company’s IT services supports only 38 employees at 3 site locations and a number of home workers. The Network Support, Product Development, Application Development, Helpdesk and Integration Services Team all use Radmin application as a day to day tool. Not only are IT services more productive with Radmin, but clients are raving about the immediate support and service the company now provides. “Without Radmin, we would be unable to provide the high level of service and response that our clients have come to expect”- said Mr Sean McCarrol.

The most valuable feature of Radmin, in the judgment of the IT department, is low bandwidth usage. Several locations do not require a full T1 to do everyday job. So, there is no need to spend time and money travelling to those locations to do any work that could have been done remotely. Switching to Radmin solved this problem completely.

“Radmin was a simple, cost effective tool to deploy, with secure and easy to configure functionality. In addition to this, being a SarbOx process driven software development company, we were able to develop our own additional tools to compliment Radmin, which made our SarbOx compliancy process easier to comply and adhere to.”
Mr Sean McCarrol

Radmin has a huge advantage of strong security, speed and simplicity over its competitors. The product has been used by IT professionals all over the world since 1999, when it was first released. Today Radmin 3.0 is a product of choice for companies and individuals who need to work with their computers remotely.

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