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Radmin for RPower Restaurant POS


covering performance and efficiency.

RPower Restaurant POS was founded in 1992 and has been expanding its functionality and customer base ever since. The company produces hardware and software for restaurants. Among hardware products there are terminals, printers, cash drawers, etc. Software production of RPower Restaurant POS includes quick books, timeclock modules, and payroll services. The production of RPower Restaurant POS is widely used in restaurants all over the world.

Not so long ago, the company was in search of a proper remote control tool to ease the burden of supporting over 3000 remote customers. The IT department of RPower has tried the work of the most popular remote control solutions, but none of them suited the demands according to different reasons: it could be either low speed of work, or high price, of too many interface-complicating value-added features.

“There were several problems with remote control tools. I remember one that caused several bugs on servers and another required a monthly user charge. Of course, they had some original features, but they were useless for effective remote control.”
Jami Interdonato, IT specialist of RPower

After some time of looking for a proper remote control tool, the IT department came across Radmin (Remote Administrator). First, the IT specialists simply recommended Radmin as the utility of choice to the dealers. But some time after they had it installed on the server and the result was really impressive.

With Radmin, the IT department of RPower has the ability to effectively train the support personnel. Unprecedented speed of work, which was always one of the basic technical advantages of Radmin, makes the work of IT specialists effective. That means, they can quickly answer users’ questions. Both the company itself and the dealers have the ability to support an entire site with a single forwarded TCP port.

“Radmin’s allowing multiple connections to a single station has greatly enhanced the ability to train our support personnel as we work on a system. The ability to transfer files without having to establish a remote-control session has proven to be an invaluable time-saver”.
Jami Interdonato

When using File Transfer mode, the user does not need to experiment with e-mail, CD-ROM or flash to copy files from/to remote computer. It is enough to connect to the remote computer via Radmin and directly drag-and-drop files.

Jamy Interdonato was impressed by Radmin’s speed of work. Unlike other remote controls, the program didn’t require an increase in channel capacity as it can work fast even with limited bandwidth availability. Modern compression algorithms and technologies help Radmin reach unprecedented rate of screen updates: 5-10 frames per second with dial-up and up to 100 frames per second in a LAN.

Remote Training - With Radmin, it became possible to explain to the users how to work with new software. Jamy Interdonato was pleased with Radmin and confirmed its value in showing data remotely and training with remote software applications via a few simple mouse clicks versus using the phone or emails or gathering in a venue together.

Fast and effective remote file access and management - Radmin allows the transfer of files directly from remote computers without any need to copy them to floppy, CD of flash.

Reducing costs and troubles with remote administration Radmin gives the IT specialists of RPower the ability to effectively work on remote machines without the need to leave the workplace to travel to remote locations.

To the opinion of RPower’s IT specialists, “Radmin is the most effective and trouble-free remote control solution available on the market”.

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