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Radmin for Britain’s most famous Chain Store, GoOutdoors


covering speed and security

GoOutdoors is a large chain store, specializing in retail trade. The company specializes in equipment for rest and traveling: camps, tents, GPS-navigators and rucksacks. The shops of GoOutdoors are widely-spread all over Britain. This chain store is oriented in providing its clients with high-quality clothes and equipment for camping and traveling.

The IT department of the company consists of 150 employees at 9 separate locations. In corporate infrastructure there are 20 servers and 150 desktops, united into LANs and WANs and working under Windows 2003 and XP. For the first time one well-known product was used to control remote machines, but its speed was very slow and couldn’t support remote control on the necessary level.

“Once I was browsing the Internet and came across a page, where remote control software solutions were observed, and Radmin was among them. At that time I didn’t know anything about this solution, including anything about the effect of its work. But other products didn’t meet my expectations, so I decided to try how Radmin works”
Paul Lyon
IT manager at GoOutdoors

Very soon, Paul Lyon was convinced that Radmin is the most secure, fast and easy-to-use program of the existing ones. He was amazed by the program’s ability to transfer remote screen without any delays and distortions. With the help of innovative DirectScreenTransfer technology Radmin works even faster than did the previous versions.

Convenient file transfer mode is also one of the positive sides of Radmin. The developers have implemented into the new version Delta-copy function, allowing copying files not from the very beginning, but from the place where some failure occurred.

“I have also learned, that Radmin is well-known for its reliable and stable security system,” continues Paul Lyon. The list of security solution is rather impressive: here is Diffie-Hellman algorithm, support for NTLM/Kerberos and Active Directory. And this is not the complete list of features, protecting all data transferred from any type of attack”.
Paul Lyon
IT manager at GoOutdoors

To be in charge of network operations and to keep remote desktops and servers up and running 24/7 system administrators and IT-specialists need effective and easy-to-use solution to work with, which could reduce downtime and provide stable work of computers. Radmin is just the software the IT department of GoOutdoors was looking for. It helped them solve the following problems:

Effective remote control. The IT specialist does not need to travel to remote end-user – it is enough just to connect to his computer.

Increase of performance. When there are no failures and delays in work in IT-infrastructure – the more effectively the enterprise works.

Optimization of business-processes. Users work several times more effectively, when they are able to control their data remotely.

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