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Persia International Bank Selects Radmin


covering performance and security

Persia International Bank PLC has two branches – one in London and another in Dubai. This banking company provides its clients with diverse services, such as   deposit and saving accounts, money transfer and foreign exchange facilities.

The IT department of the bank has 72 employees, working in 2 locations. The IT environment includes both LAN and WAN networks, operation systems Windows 2000/2003. Branches in both in London and Dubai include an equal number of desktops.

One of the main tasks of IT department is to look after any user related issues. Before the implementation of Radmin the employees of IT-department tried to utilize Windows Remote Desktop. This solution didn’t meet their expectations as it was not enough transparent and effective at work. After having such an unlucky experience, no other remote control solution was used by the IT-department for rather a long time.

The IT department of Persia International Bank has made a decision to use Radmin (Remote Administrator). According to the words of system administrators, they have chosen this solution because of its ease of use and proper support level.

Radmin makes it possible to quickly control the status of the client’s system. IT specialists of Persia International Bank mark the ease-of-use, high speed, space-saving installation file and cost-effectiveness of the solution.

To maintain Radmin, the user does not need to have any special computer skills. And wait, what is more, there is no need to install any extra software, it is enough to have an internet-connection and any Microsoft Windows OS. The most distinctive features of the solution are user-friendly interface and absence of un-needed value-added features.

Another important feature of Radmin is its high speed and performance. The product lets the user carry out effective and unbreakable control over the operations of the remote computer. Radmin’s visualization technology is optimized for accurate transferring of remote computer screen. The user has the ability to work effectively even at a very slow dial-up connection.  Also, there is no need to increase bandwidth to provide a proper speed of screen updates. The IT department of Persia International Bank utilizes Radmin at 8 Windows XP workstations.

The IT department of Persia International Bank is also highly satisfied with high security standards of Radmin. The specialists mark the way the server is protected by password as Radmin Server protects the settings, which are stored in the system registry. Only the user with administrator’s rights can have an access to this registry branch.

“The specialists of our department are highly satisfied with the work of Radmin. It is the most compact, useful, cost-effective and easy to use remote control solution we’ve ever tried.”
Ramanna Jayakumar
Operations manager of Persia International Bank’s IT department

The implementation of Radmin in Persia International Bank PLC was a part of a larger upgrade of the company’s IT environment. The solution is used in the IT department by only three employees. It causes remarkable cost-savings on staff and workplaces and increases effectiveness of work and business as a whole. System administrators are very pleased with Radmin’s cost-effective price, high speed and ease of use.

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