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Dial Equities selects Radmin - a major residential property management company serving the Central U.S.


covering ease-of-use, high performance

Dial Equities, Inc a leading provider of multi-family residential property management with its main office in Omaha manages apartment communities throughout central United States. Dial Equities, Incorporated was formed in October 1992 by Jack Haley in cooperation with Don Day, Chairman of the Board for Dial Companies Corporation. The Dial Companies has been involved in the development, construction, management and financing of multi-family, residential and commercial real estate since the 1960’s. Its support has been instrumental in the growth of Dial Equities, Inc. Jack Haley has been acquiring and managing multi family real estate since 1970.

Dial Equities was initially formed to serve a dual role in all acquisitions, as a general partner and as the property management company. The benefit of this arrangement is the objectives of the owner and the management company are properly aligned. Dial Equities, Inc. now acts as the exclusive management company for Haley Associates LP. The company currently manages communities in Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio and Texas.

The company’s offices are located in more than 10 states and employ approximately 200 people.

The Network environment includes 125 desktops, 6 servers of which 5 Windows service and 1 Linux server. Corporate WAN covers approximately 30 officers with LANs (or “a LAN”) consisting of 50 seats.

The company was using another product, but its work left much to be desired. Matthew Foster, the CIO of Dial Equities, Inc complains: “Prior to using Radmin we were challenged with “another Remote Control Software”. It was not easy to deploy and was slow and had a poor interface”. Therefore, the company was looking for a reliable product that would provide employees with all their remote access and control needs. In the final analysis the problem was solved, Dial Equities purchased Radmin.

Dial Equities, Inc chooses Radmin because of its unprecedented speed and ease of installation. Even users new to computers can work with Radmin’s simple interface. There is no need to install any extra software. It is enough to have an Internet connection and any Microsoft Windows OS. Radmin 3.0 is one of the first remote controls to be fully compatible with Windows Vista. That means that the program can correctly and flawlessly work under Windows Vista and other Windows OS, beginning from Windows 2000.

Independent tests have demonstrated that Radmin is by far the fastest remote access software and is even hundreds of time faster than some of its competitors. Extreme high speed attracts all users of Radmin as it is provided by means of the new technology DirectScreenTransfer™. The major advantage of DirectScreenTransfer™ is that it receives data directly from Windows, before it ever gets to the Video RAM. The deployment of DirectScreenTransfer™ not only significantly increases screen updates per second but also dramatically decreases CPU usage and requirements for computer resources.

The company’s employees are satisfied with Radmin: they appreciate not only the folder tree in Radmin’s phonebook and the built-in file transfer but also the overall better PC control compared to competitive products.

Lastly, Matthew Foster points out the low price of the product. Famatech’s cost-effective and flexible pricing policy covers more computers with minimum expense.

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