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ISV Foundation Selects Radmin for Theology Content Production


covering high value and ease-of-use

Dr. William Welty is the Executive Director of the ISV Foundation. He holds a Ph.D in Communications from Louisiana Baptist University. The foundation is a biblical research center, founded in 1967 as a non-profit organization. In 1995 William Welty began to redirect the foundation’s mission into that of a research center to produce an updated version of the Hebrew Old Testament text and to create a new English language translation of the Bible. In addition to his work with the ISV Foundation, Dr. Welty has been affiliated with the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID), the successor to the UN's Information and Communication Technologies Task Force.

ISV foundation has a need to access several remote offices in the USA and all over the world. William Welty thought it would be helpful to access remote computers, for example, from an office in Wyoming to a local one in California. In the near future the Foundation will open a field office in Jerusalem, from which access to computer systems in the United States will be needed.

Situation Analysis

In 1999 Dr. Welty began experimenting with Windows’ remote administration capabilities. As he began searching for third party solutions, before he discovered Radmin, he used 2 other remote control products and found them unacceptable. In his view, subscription models for remote access were too expensive, and he felt using someone else’s servers other than his own was an invitation to security breaches. The other solutions he tried didn’t work reliably at all. But then he discovered Dmitry Znosko and his new remote control program Radmin 1.1.

The Choice

The ISV Foundation has been using Radmin since the very first 1.1 version. In fact, back in 1999 he started corresponding with Dmitry Znosko, the original author of the product, sending Dmitry several suggestions about how to make Radmin even better than it was back then! Dmitry kindly provided Dr. Welty with a personal license key in gratitude for his suggestions, and now Dr. Welty uses his own 2-machine license to operate his office remote computer from home. On both machines William Welty uses the Windows XP Professional operating system.

The Solution

Dr. William Welty remarks, “Radmin is seriously great software. I can surely say that it is one of the most important and effective tool of its kind available at any price.” Dr. Welty continues: “When it comes to delivering on what has been promised, I know of no program quite like Famatech's Remote Administrator. Famatech's Radmin is easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to adapt to the unique needs of network administrators - even if all you want to do is run your own work computer from home, or vice versa. Even if you just want to use Radmin to utilize its file transfer utility and move files from one computer to another without having to resort to insecure email attachments, Radmin is worth its USD$35 price.

Among basic and important Radmin features, Dr. Welty names its ease-of-use, high performance, high security standards, and acceptable price. He mainly uses Radmin to operate his Fujitsu Lifebook notebook with a fixed IP (installed in his home) from a Sony Vaio machine at his office.

Radmin is compact, not more than 1.89 Meg in size. Unlike other remote control products, Radmin is not overloaded with useless functional features that only complicate simple tasks. Famatech’s Radmin solution is easy to install and to operate. It works properly at every kind of machine equipped with the Windows operation system. The program’s user-friendly interface is one of Radmin’s key advantages.

Dr. Welty finds Radmin’s file transfer mode particularly useful. Radmin uses an Explorer-like interface to make file transfers from one computer to another anywhere in the world, whether that machine is 10 meters away or 10,000 miles away. In his opinion, Radmin’s capabilities to move files are critically important when one needs to run a remote office computer from home or vice versa. For example, if he needs to print documents on his printer, it is enough to open the file remotely and next morning, when he comes to the office, he has all the needed documents already printed.

As many other corporate and home users have also noted, Dr. Welty has a positive opinion about Radmin’s security standards. Radmin Security seamlessly integrates with Windows Security. The right to access to the remote computer is restricted by a password. Radmin Server does not allow empty passwords, and leaves no opportunity to guess one. To protect data from access by malicious users such as Denial-of-Service attacks and “man-in-the-middle” security breaches) Radmin’s Security uses state-of-the-art encryption algorithms. It is impossible to turn-off encryption. Access from suspicious IP-addresses is restricted by a special IP-filter table.

For budget-conscious users, the low price of the product is also important along with its functionality and interface. But Radmin successfully combines acceptable price with high performance and rich functionality.

Dr. Welty concludes: “With Radmin, I have a comprehensive solution to the challenges of remote control and file transfer at a reasonable price. Other software that claims to do what Radmin does is too expensive, too complicate, too susceptible to security breaches, or it comes equipped with needless features. Radmin is just the right solution to remote access and remote file transfer, for only USD$35.00”.

The result

According to William Welty’s words, “Radmin provides hassle-free access to remote computers. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else. The Radmin service mark ‘Works first time, every time’ is as truthful as it is descriptive.” He placed a link to Radmin at his personal page: http://williamwelty.com/software.htm#Utilities, where he places links to software he uses and recommends. He’s also placed a link to the Radmin software on the ISV Foundation’s web page at http://isv.org/downloads/paid_support_utilities.htm.

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