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Jeddah selects Radmin


covering high performance, efficiency and security

Jeddah Hilton is a part of the well-known Hilton Hotels Corporation situated in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) involved in the country’s hospitality business.

The IT department of Jeddah Hilton consists of 6 employees in2 locations. It utilizes LAN and WAN networks, over 250 desktops and 6 servers. Among operation systems there are: Novell 5.1, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Linux and IBM RS36. Windows XP operation systems are used on servers, Windows 98 SE are used on desktops. For access to the Internet specialists of Jeddah Hilton’s IT department use leased line with a speed of 1 mbps, controlled over firewall.

Though there are only 2 locations of IT departments, they are situated at a 500-meters distance away from each other. Before the implementation of Radmin the employees had to visit the locations by themselves.  This caused many problems and wasted a remarkable amount of time and money. The usage of other remote control products didn’t lead to positive results. Jeddah Hilton’s IT specialists have tested many solutions to realize remote control functions: several graphic viewers, file converters and file splitters. But the experience wasn’t successful. The solutions didn’t meet the deployment and interface expectations they had.

The implementation of Radmin is not a part of the general upgrade of the company’s IT environment. It is used only in IT departments, and the employees have a positive opinion about the solution.

Among the most important and useful features of Radmin IT specialists of Hilton is its ease-of-use, fast speed and reliability. Unlike other remote control products, its value-added features don’t make a job of a system administrator more complicated or less effective.

Radmin helps the employees of the IT departments to carry out effective and fast remote control over servers, networks and desktops of Hilton’s infrastructure. The remote screen can be displayed either in a “Full screen” mode or in a window. The mouse movements and keyboard signals are transferred directly to the screen of the remote computer. So, the user gets an impression of “full presence illusion”.

The IT departments of Jeddah Hilton use Radmin within a LAN. Due to WAN/Firewall restrictions it is impossible to get an access to public internet. Even when Windows Security is switched off, remote access to the computer is restricted by password. Radmin uses a challenge-response password authentication method, which is more sophisticated than its Windows analogue.

“I call Radmin my favorite software. Radmin has all what I need: high speed and easy-to-use interface. The IT administrators of our hotel also have very positive opinion about the solution. Since we’ve implemented Radmin there is no need to travel from one location to another for solving problems, wasting time and more importantly, money.”
Wahid Ali, IT manager of Jeddah-Hilton

The IT specialists of Jeddah Hilton consider the implementation of Radmin to be the only s reasonable and right solution. The use of this remote control solution has played a remarkable role in savings, not only in costs but has reduced the number of work hours of our employees.

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