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Radmin in the IT Infrastructure of Rakon Limited


covering high availability and performance

Rakon Limited is a world leader in the development of high performance frequency control technology based on quartz crystals, which lie at the heart of all electronic products. Rakon designs crystal and oscillator products for unique and specific customer requirements within a wide range of industry applications. These include: Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), Wireless, Networks, Cellular, CDMA, GSM, Telecom, Radio, and Microwave. Rakon pioneered the development of oscillators capable of maintaining high levels of accuracy and unique lock-on stability in extreme environments. As a result, Rakon supplies over 50% of the frequency control devices used by the GPS industry. Rakon has a reputation for supplying reliable products and is a global leader in the quality testing of frequency control products. The Rakon proprietary test equipment is highly regarded throughout the crystal industry.

Rakon has and continues to lead the way in miniaturized crystal and oscillator technology. The company continues to invent new product lines with outstanding temperature stability and no frequency perturbations. Rakon provides an interface between high technology and the effective application of crystal and oscillator products. It has a worldwide reputation for providing reliable product support and meeting customized requirements.

The IT department of Rakon includes 500 employees: system administrators, engineers, programmers, IT managers. They have to support a great amount of equipment – servers and workstations mainly under Windows 2003. The company has several offices, and IT specialists have to support a large amount of end users. It so happened, that very soon they came to a conclusion that it was necessary to implement a remote control solution.

Radmin helped the IT department of Rakon to remarkably reduce time on visiting remote users. This program is very popular for its unprecedented speed of work and high security standards.

“When I work remotely it is very important for our data to be protected from interception and illegal access. Whether I connect via Radmin to my home or office computer or explain something to my colleague I must be sure that my documents or e-mail messages will not be damaged, stolen or modified. Radmin is just the solution that makes me feel confident   that my information is reliably protected”.
Wayne Dowsing, one of Rakon’s IT managers

Security is built into the core of Radmin, as the developers say. The program’s security system provides high level of data protection from interception and illegal access. All data received and transferred is protected by modern security algorithms, such as Diffie-Hellman, and encrypted by means of AES 256-bit encryption. Self-testing procedures protect program code from alterations. The developers implemented into program innovative smart system, protecting password from guessing. The password itself is never evidently transferred over the network.

IT managers and system administrators of Rakon value Radmin for its ease-of-use and reliable security standards. The solution allows the exchange of data between the local computer or the remote one, and also ensures that the data will not be attacked by malicious users. Additional new features for Radmin include text and voice chat for online-conferences and private talks. All the data in text and voice chat is reliably protected and available only for the participants of the discussion.

“Remote support with Radmin is more effective than relying on telephone calls and several e-mails. It is enough just to connect to the user’s computer with just one mouse-click and fulfill all the necessary actions – and now with communication features. We recommend Radmin to be used in other organizations”.
Wayne Dowsing, Rakon Limited

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