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SITEL of Australia adopts Radmin


covering performance, efficiency and high availability.

SITEL Australia specializes in telecommunication outsourcing and provides fully integrated customer care and back office processing services that focus on delivering a return of customer investments by reducing costs and increasing revenue for customers. The company specializes in customer technical support, risk management, back office processing and other services. The main mission of SITEL is providing market-ready solutions based upon the specific requirements for clients business.

For high-quality technical support it is important to have modern equipment, corresponding with today’s demands. IT infrastructure of SITEL is rather distributed: it includes 300 workstations and multiple networks. To maintain effective control over computers and local networks, our technical department had to implement a remote control program.

“Remote controls help IT specialist to watch the state of remote machines, thus, minimizing the need to leave his workplace and to spend extra time. We purchased a few licenses on a well-known product, but it conflicted with clients proprietary programs and very soon had to look for another product”.
Dan von Bibra, Helpdesk specialist of SITEL

IT specialists heard much about Radmin as the most effective and secure remote control tool. Dan von Bibra installed its demo-version and, then, impressed by high results, decided to buy more Radmin’s licenses. The software works effectively in LANs and VPNs and provides reliable protection for all data transferred.

The feature set of new version of Radmin includes new text and voice chat, drag-and-drop with “delta copy” (allowing the continuation of file copy from the moment of failure and not from the very beginning), support for multiple monitors, modern security features, such as 256-bit AES strong encryption, and Diffie-Hellman algorithm for user authentication.

“Radmin has a stable reputation of being the industry’s fastest remote control software and we were even more convinced and impressed when we learned that Famatech’s DirectScreenTransferTM technology was implemented into it”, says Dan von Bibra. “This new approach allows us  to read data before it  gets into video RAM, and thus helps increase data transfer speed. We think that being able to work at a high speed, in real-time, is one of the most important factors for a high-quality remote access and control product”.
Dan von Bibra, Helpdesk specialist of SITEL

The key success factor of a modern enterprise is running a smart and stable IT shop and network infrastructure. Radmin helped to save more than 13% of SITEL’s IT budget, which is critically important. High speed of work, together with innovative communication features and reliable data protection, allow productivity increases for both end users and Helpdesk specialists.

What is more, the implementation of Radmin increases the effect of an IT specialist’s work by means of fast response, minimized downtime and eliminated travel expenses. Helpdesk employees do not need to travel to the remote office for solving a problem of an end user – it is enough just to connect to a remote computer and communicate with its user by means of text or voice chat.

Dan von Bibra expressed the whole impression of Radmin’s work  as “all that is needed for effective remote control at a reasonable price, minimizing expenses and optimizing business processes”.

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