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Radmin in social area


"Radmin has made the IT department so much more productive. This type of solution has been needed for a long time"
Joe Mendez, System Administrator

The Los Angeles Mission is a nonprofit organization serving the homeless living on LAís streets. Faithfully, for more than 70 years, they have saved many lives and have had a profound impact on thousands of others by providing compassionate, humanitarian services to those in desperate need.

Having begun as a small rescue mission, it is now one of the nationís largest service providers to the homeless. The Los Angeles Mission continues to provide on a large scale hot meals, safe shelter, clothing, personal care and life-transforming long-term rehabilitation to hungry, hurting and homeless men, women and children.

Approximately 160 employees serve the Mission. The organization also has two remote locations: a storage warehouse and a residence facility. The main complex consists of a four-story building with a basement, and many desktops. The Los Angeles Mission uses 110 desktops, 57 classroom computers and 9 servers in its daily work. There is no connectivity between the main complex and the two remote sites. Only four full-time IT employees work for the organization, therefore support calls usually require a physical visit to each desktop in need. The servers are located in three different areas of the complex, so travel time routinely costs a significant portion of the support call.

In an effort to make their valued work more efficient, Los Angeles Mission first turned to Microsoftís Remote Desktop Connection, which proved less than helpful. The Mission needed remote control software, which would be faster, more reliable and user-friendly. Joe Mendez, System Administrator of the Los Angeles Mission, chose Radmin because of its quick, painless installation and ease of use.

Radmin has perfectly supplied Los Angeles Missionís needs, because taking remote control with Radmin allows for both support calls and end user training. The Console makes it easy to select a remote machine to administer. Mendez plans to streamline the Missionís IT functions using Radmin and expects to eliminate the need to hire additional support staff. Famatech is proud that Radmin can aid such socially noteworthy organizations as Los Angeles Mission in their crusade to bring hope to those without hope.

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