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Radmin is a choice of the Combined Sciences Center


"Radmin is now an essential part of the CSC system without which we would not be able to function as a coherent and integrated unit"
David Mynatt, Program Manager

Combined Sciences Center (CSC) is a special project at Pueblo, Colorado Observatory to investigate, capture, and analyze VLF radio waves collected by a dedicated radio receiver and specialized associated equipment, as part of the larger enterprise established by Stanford University to support solar research. It was established in 2007. The Mission of CSC is multi-leveled, but essentially can be condensed to perform a simple statement: to provide science education to motivated and interested students in the local area.

Although CSC complex is at a single location, it is co-located with the CSUPueblo Observatory at the Nature Center. Also many employees prefer to do their CSC work at home. CSC is involved in a large number of researchers around the US. Project activities need to be coordinated, guided and monitored by agents and sponsors located remotely at Stanford Solar Center, UCLA Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, CSU-Boulder Colorado Space Grant Consortium and many other local and national groups and agencies. CSC’s computer and antenna systems needed frequent maintenance. Many volunteers working for CSC also needed to be coordinated.

The entire Combined Sciences Center operation depends upon the computing systems functioning properly, so the company needed very safe and reliable remote control software. CSC has chosen Radmin by Famatech, and it has quickly become an essential part of the command/control and operation system of the CSC optical observatory and various sub-systems such as the SID PC, security cameras, radio propagation monitoring, and satellite monitoring systems. Radmin is allowing CSC to train assistants regardless of the physical location and control the radio systems remotely, so that each specialist can remain in his/her office or home and control the various systems when required.

Radmin was rolled out throughout the whole center complex, for not only IT specialists, but for other computer users who needed a fast and secure remote control solution. Full screen, support for multiple monitors, TCP/IP exchange, ease of application installation, clear user instructions, reliability – all these and many other options and characteristics were highly praised by CSC’s workers.

CSC's software selection team of IT managers are very knowledgeable about the latest technologies being used in network management software. Thanks to its strong security, reliability and high speed, Radmin has a huge advantage over its competitors. That is why the Combined Science Center, who’s successful work depends directly on the remote control software used in their system, chose Radmin.

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