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Radmin in Airport Maintenance


Simferopol Airport in the Ukraine has 1000 employees. The airport is a complex of different systems, requiring close coordination of terminal operations with engineering, security, and air traffic management, among others.

The Issue

The success of the airport depends on close integration and coordination of all airport functions so that passengers and luggage get on the right plane going to the right place, that the plane has the right amount of fuel and a qualified crew, and that runways and flighpaths are clear for each plane's takeoff and landing. Accurate and reliable automated control systems are the key to that success.

The Solution

Simferopol's administration team put a high priority on increasing the effectiveness of the airport's computer network. They implemented Radmin as the remote system management application for the whole airport as part of a project to modernize Simferopol's IT structure.

Radmin's speed makes it the logical choice for remote management of the airport's widely distributed computer workstations Equally important is that Radmin provides a multiwindowing control. This control gives a single operator oversight and direction of information boards all over the airport. No other solution that the airport's staff tested offered this function.

The Result

Sergey Esin, Chief of Factory Automation Systems for Simferopol Airport, said, "Radmin's optimal functionality and high speed are critically important for our IT specialists. We administrators are concerned to find a cost-effective solution. Both the IT staff and the administrators are pleased with Radmin's implementation and performance. With Radmin, we can solve a huge range of management problems for remote computers and information screens, without spending a fortune."

About Simferopol Airport

Founded in 1936, Simferopol International Airport is one of the Ukraine’s busiest passenger and freight destinations. The airport deploys a complex array of terminal, hangar, engineering, and air traffic control systems, as well as systems providing maximum security for passenger and cargo flights of all types.

The airport is the origin of scheduled and charter flights to more than 70 airports in the Ukraine, CIS and other countries. During the last few years reconstruction of the terminal complex allowed a remarkable increase in Simferopol’s capacity. The airport is currently continuing to enhance and expand passenger services and other airport facilities.

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