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Radmin in Social Sphere


The Client

Alexei Fomin, of St. Petersburg, Russia, is an IT professional. He has a disability that prevents his taking an office job, so Alexei works from home as a contractor, developing Internet sites and designing projects in AutoCAD, SolidWorks and other applications. Taking a serious, professional approach to his work, Alexei has a server for permanent Internet access and three linked computers at his disposal. It’s of critical importance to Alexei that he can remotely manage all the computers on his network.

The Issue

Before he found Radmin, Alexei tried many other remote control solutions. The quality of these other products left much to be desired. The applications had limited functionality, were complicated to set up and use, and suffered from very slow screen update rates. None of them met Alexei’s need for a simple, reliable, fast application that would allow him to manage and maintain his network without having to physically move from computer to computer.

The Choice

To solve the problem of remote control, Alexei finally chose Radmin. He based his decision on his friends’ recommendations and Internet reviews of Radmin. With the help of Radmin Alexei can remotely controls the server, which has no keyboard or mouse, and all the workstations from one networked computer.

Alexei Fomin reported, “With Radmin helping me run my network, I get a virtual reality experience – it’s just as if I was sitting at each computer, one after the other. It’s all I could wish for.”

The Solution

Radmin is the fastest, most reliable, and most secure remote control solution available. Radmin’s speed remains unprecedented with any kind of connection (Alexei connects to the Internet through ADSL). The user doesn’t need to install additional software: to use Radmin you only need a network connection and any Microsoft Windows operating system.

According to Alexei, Radmin is a robust and stable remote control solution for fast and secure work. The most important factors for him are unprecedented speed, a compact distribution kit and great functionality for remote work.

Another important feature of Radmin is its military grade security system. All data is highly protected from illegal access and interception. Radmin also prevents incorrect server configurations and does not allow empty passwords. Radmin Security protects all of Alexei’s remote work.

Radmin helps Alexei leap past his physical limitations so he can do the exciting and effective work on which his reputation rests. It can help you, too.

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