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VelvetCare selects Radmin – one of the largest personal care manufacturers serving Central and Eastern Europe


The trade office of VelvetCare is located in Warsaw, and headquarters/production plant in Klucze in the Malopolska region. Although there are just 2 locations, they are situated 300 km apart. Also, some people work mainly out of office and are situated in different parts of Poland. Most staff are located in Klucze but there are some PCs and servers in Warsaw. There were multiple issues of administrative access to computers arising in the corporate network every day.

Dariusz Guzik, IT Analist at VelvetCare:

Which business challenges in remote administration/support have your company faced, and what were they causing for your organization?

Most challenges were wasting time when we needed to reach the user for assistance. For example, most of our computers need periodic automatic software updates for things like Java, Office, etc. Users certainly do not have installation rights. That is why physical access was required to implement updates. The way to the computer and back even within the office takes me on the average 16 minutes. If we multiply this by 150 computers, we will have legwork totaling 8 business days! The second issue was that the previous tool used to connect to PCs remotely wasn’t efficient and did not allow performing admin tasks appropriately. Until now, we had no reliable way that could meet today's requirements to support and troubleshoot remote computers.

Why did you choose Radmin?

Radmin is dedicated to all remote technical support issues arising in our company, and is simple both to deploy and use. When I tried Radmin, I got the idea of implementing the solution for the whole company. I liked the pricing. There are other solutions that are cheaper to buy, but the license is limited in time and must be periodically renewed.

What functionalities of Radmin did you find particularly useful for your business?

You can set it in a way that there is no need for remote user assistance in establishing a connection. Or you can set it to display a simple window where the user can authorize an incoming connection and the user can rest assured that no one will watch his work uninvited. Radmin has many other advantages. In short, based on my many years of experience, Radmin is the right choice for supporting users.

What type of positive effects did the implementation of Radmin bring to your organization?

Radmin has simplified remote administrator tasks and helped rid the user’s unawareness of how to share a desktop. The average handling time for each tech support issue has gone down dramatically. There is no longer the need to physically go to remote locations every time technical issues occur. Our employees no longer face any challenges working out of office as they always have access to their PCs from any computer.

About VelvetCare

VelvetCare is an independent personal care company with Polish capital (previously Kimberly-Clark), which mainly produces paper-based consumer products. VelvetCare brand name products include Velvet, Kleenex, Huggies, etc. Thanks to 10 years of operation under Kimberly-Clark (Fortune 500 member), VelvetCare has gained all the advantages of a global company, so it has created strong business partnership relationships in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

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