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Radmin - the choice for Interior Health


Radmin is the remote administrator system of choice for Interior Health (www.interiorhealth.ca), and is installed on virtually all of the enterprise’s 5000 computers.

Interior Health was created by the Province of British Columbia, Canada, in 2001, amalgamating health care services in the province’s interior. The enterprise serves a large geographical area that has a client population approaching one million. With its annual budget of $1.1 billion, 35 acute care centres and 18,000 employees, keeping Interior Health’s operations running smoothly has depended a great deal on having powerful and reliable remote administrator capability. Radmin has proven to be more than up to the challenge.

Interior Health handles its highly complex, multi-site IT environment using a universal IT infrastructure, consisting of a Single Forest Active Directory Domain using Windows Server 2003/Exchange. Radmin represents a vital component of this infrastructure by providing remote computer support. Radmin is also extremely useful for end-user training – for instance, when the IT department introduces new software. With Radmin, an IT technician can demonstrate software functionality to all its intended users from his own workstation, eliminating the need to consult each of them individually – and saving Interior Health countless man-hours and dollars.

The health care enterprise first began implementing Radmin in 2003, during an upgrade of its IT environment. Mark Braidwood, manager of Interior Health’s IT department, said: We reviewed several of the main [remote control systems] on the market at the time – VNC, SMS, etc, and Radmin came out on top for low bandwidth usage, ease of use, integration into the current IT environment (making use of current AD security groups), stability and cost efficiency.

Interior Health’s system administrators testify that the remote administrator system has exceeded their expectations, and look forward with enthusiasm to a “healthy”, long-term relationship with Radmin.

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