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Radmin is helping to keep true on CSA’s course to success


CEC Shipmanagement (CSA) prides itself on using state-of-the-art IT tools. It also believes in running ‘a tight ship’ – keeping costs down and maximizing its efficiency. It should come as no surprise then that Remote Administrator is an integral component of the company’s IT setup.

CSA provides technical and crewing management for multi-purpose dry cargo vessels operating worldwide. The services it provides are high-quality and wide-reaching, and CSA has ambitions to become the leader in its field. Amazingly, the company maintains just one office and employs a total of six staff. And because it keeps
its infrastructure to a minimum – having only one wired network and single general, terminal and administrative servers – CSA lets an outside company handle the IT side of its operations.

Controlec Networks is an IT support provider that recognizes just how valuable a tool Radmin is. When Controlec Networks first set up CSA’s network, it recommended implementing Radmin as a standard software tool. Since then, Radmin has made it much easier for both CSA and Controlec Networks to do their jobs. With Radmin,
Controlec is able to service CSA’s network remotely, eliminating the need for the physical presence of IT specialists in CSA’s office. This saves both companies time and money.

Because it works with ships that are operating internationally, CSA needs to be able to connect to its network from anywhere around the globe. For this it uses the Internet. Radmin is also used as an alternative means of working on the network. Remote Administrator as a software tool is helping CSA to focus exclusively on its demanding task of fleet management – and to keep true on its course to success.

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