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ATMs in Nigeria are supported with Radmin software


Robert Johnson Technologies Limited (RJT) is one of Nigeria’s leading companies in the field of banking automation, and has more than 2,000 employees. RJT supports over 1,000 ATMs across the country, but the distances involved mean that the company has limited access to these machines.

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VelvetCare selects Radmin – one of the largest personal care manufacturers serving Central and Eastern Europe


Radmin has simplified remote administrator tasks and helped rid the user’s unawareness of how to share a desktop. The average handling time for each tech support issue has gone down dramatically. There is no longer the need to physically go to remote locations every time technical issues occur. Our employees no longer face any challenges working out of office as they always have access to their PCs from any computer.

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Radmin in the 12th* largest insurance brokerage in the US.


We have tested and used many remote control products over the last few years and have had consistent issues with Windows 7 and Dual monitors, - says Scott Hannagan, CIO at Leavitt Group, - Radmin 3.4 was the one solution we were able to effortlessly deploy and use to support our remote users from the central helpdesk.

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Radmin in the financial industry: the example of "Greenfieldbank"


Founded in Moscow in 1994, Greenfieldbank was initially a provider of mainly corporate financial services. These days, it is a full-service bank with two regional branches which performs all the main types of banking transactions in the financial services sector. The bank’s IT environment consists of six servers at head office and two in each branch (running Linux OS). The total number of workstations is 90 (Linux or Windows 7). The bank had previously used the open source software package Tight VNC for its remote control needs.

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Radmin used in Market Research


Norstat is one of Europe’s leading providers of research data to professional marketers. Annually, Norstat conducts more than 2.5 million B2C and B2B interviews. Norstat owns one of the largest Internet panels in Northern Europe, with more than 350,000 pre-recruited respondents. About 85% of these were recruited via nationally representative telephone surveys. The company is established in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

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Radmin in social area


The Los Angeles Mission is a nonprofit organization serving the homeless living on LA’s streets. Faithfully, for more than 70 years, they have saved many lives and have had a profound impact on thousands of others by providing compassionate, humanitarian services to those in desperate need.

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Radmin in Airport Maintenance


Simferopol Airport in the Ukraine has 1000 employees. The airport is a complex of different systems, requiring close coordination of terminal operations with engineering, security, and air traffic management, among others.

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Radmin is a choice of the Combined Sciences Center


Combined Sciences Center (CSC) is a special project at Pueblo, Colorado Observatory to investigate, capture, and analyze VLF radio waves collected by a dedicated radio receiver and specialized associated equipment, as part of the larger enterprise established by Stanford University to support solar research. It was established in 2007. The Mission of CSC is multi-leveled, but essentially can be condensed to perform a simple statement: to provide science education to motivated and interested students in the local area.

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Radmin in Social Sphere


Alexei Fomin, of St. Petersburg, Russia, is an IT professional. He has a disability that prevents his taking an office job, so Alexei works from home as a contractor, developing Internet sites and designing projects in AutoCAD, SolidWorks and other applications. Taking a serious, professional approach to his work, Alexei has a server for permanent Internet access and three linked computers at his disposal. It’s of critical importance to Alexei that he can remotely manage all the computers on his network.

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Dial Equities selects Radmin - a major residential property management company serving the Central U.S.


Dial Equities, Inc a leading provider of multi-family residential property management with its main office in Omaha manages apartment communities throughout central United States. Dial Equities, Incorporated was formed in October 1992 by Jack Haley in cooperation with Don Day, Chairman of the Board for Dial Companies Corporation. The Dial Companies has been involved in the development, construction, management and financing of multi-family, residential and commercial real estate since the 1960’s. Its support has been instrumental in the growth of Dial Equities, Inc. Jack Haley has been acquiring and managing multi family real estate since 1970.

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