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New language versions of Radmin 3.0 released


New language versions of Radmin 3.0 released

Famatech announces the release of three more localized language versions of its popular Radmin remote control software. Radmin 3.0 is now available in French, Italian and Spanish.

Radmin is one of the best Windows-based remote control solutions, which allows users to work remotely on several distant computers simultaneously using an almost fully transparent graphics interface. This latest version has a wide range of new functionalities, which analysts report is "capable of bringing remote access software to a new level".

Radmin 3.0 supports multiple monitors and multiple simultaneous connections to the same computer. Other functionalities include: support of fast user switching for Windows XP and Vista; folder management in Radmin phonebook; automatic scans for available Radmin Servers; mouse wheel support; minimizing Radmin Viewer’s main window to a tray icon; Radmin’s phonebook can be stored in a file and many others.

Multilingual support has always been a crucial consideration in Famatech’s marketing strategies. Right now Radmin Viewer, Radmin Server and Documentation Package are in English, German, Russian, French, Italian and Spanish. Localization modules were made by Famatech’s own specialists. Radmin 3.0 has a wide range of features, which help system administrators solve remote control issues much more effectively than with previous versions. This localization will allow French, Italian and Spanish users of Radmin to make full use of the advantages of the new version.

You can download these new language versions of Radmin 3.0 at Famatech’s web site:

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