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Famatech has released an updated Radmin 3.01


Famatech has released an updated Radmin 3.01

July 3, 2007. Radmin remote control software was updated to version Radmin 3.01. The new version has the following modifications:

Installation Process:

  • License key activation for all computers within a domain is enabled (remote domain activation using ".MST" file).
  • Installation file size is decreased by 2 MB.
  • The system restart check was improved.

Radmin Viewer:

  • Radmin Viewer is now compatible with Wine (remote control from Linux machines enabled).
  • The titles of the Full Control and View Only windows now start with the connection name, so it is easier to distinguish remote computers when working on more than one remote machine.

Radmin Server:

  • Compatibility with Korean and Chinese versions of Windows Vista is enabled.
  • Improved compatibility of Radmin Mirror Driver with current video card drivers.

You can download Radmin 3.01 at Famatech’s web site: www.radmin.com/download

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