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Now we speak German!


Now we speak German!

Famatech is proud to announce the release of the German version of Remote Administrator 2.2

Multilingual support was designed into Remote Administrator (Radmin) from the start, being one of the crucial considerations in Famatech’s marketing strategies. Initially, to meet the needs of users who prefer to work with software applications translated into their own language, Famatech translated Radmin only partially.

According to user feedback, Radmin is one of the easiest to learn and use remote control programs on the market. To further simplify working with Remote Administrator, version 2.2 was completely translated into German, i.e. Viewer, Server, and Documentation Package. You can download the German version from our German web site www.radmin.com/de/download

With the release of the fully translated German version, Famatech International Corp. launches its new phase of multilingual support. Spanish, French, and Italian versions will be available very soon.

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