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Turkish language version of Radmin 3.1 is released


Turkish language version of Radmin 3.1 is released

Famatech, a leader in remote control development and production comes to the Turkish market by providing the Turkish language version.

On November 29th 2007, Radmin 3.1 was released for the Turkish market. The software was completely translated into Turkish, and now Radmin Viewer, Radmin Server and Documentation Package are fully accessible to all users. Multilingual support has always been a crucial consideration in Famatech’s marketing strategies. The new localization will allow Turkish users of Radmin to make full use of the advantages of the new version.

It is significant that Famatech launched a Turkish website (www.radmin.com.tr). It will provide Turkish speaking users with all essential information and to support the new version of Radmin 3.1. Famatech’s Turkish market entry is a new stage in the company’s development that confirms its high-status on the software market.

You can download the Turkish version of Radmin 3.1 at Famatech’s web site: http://www.radmin.com.tr/download/

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