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Famatech has released an updated Radmin 3.2


Famatech has released an updated Radmin 3.2

New updated Radmin 3.2 has been released with Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 support.

The new version is even faster, more reliable and more secure. It has the following updates and modifications:

  • Support for Windows Vista SP1. As a Certified Partner of Microsoft, Famatech keeps up the pace with the updates of Microsoft products. Users of Windows Vista with installed SP1 can now use Radmin 3.2 on their computers.
  • Support for Windows Server 2008. Since Radmin is often used for administering a corporate network, Radmin 3.2 now supports Windows Server 2008.
  • Faster speed and smooth performance. Due to improved networking algorithms, Radmin 3.2 works faster and with no delays in transferring the remote screen image.
  • Left-hand mouse support. Famatech strives to make Radmin as user-friendly as possible, and that is why a left hand mouse support has been added to the new version.
  • Version 3.2 has been translated into 27 of the major languages in the world. Every localized version is available in the form of a separate installation pack.

    You can download the new version at Famatech’s website: http://www.radmin.com/download/ The update to Radmin 3.2 is free for users of Radmin 3.

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