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Radmin Communication Server 3.0 beta version release!


Radmin Communication Server 3.0 beta version release!

Famatech announces the release of the beta version of Radmin Communication Server 3.0 (Radmin CS 3.0). This product provides you with the features needed for secure and efficient communication within your network.

Continuing Famatech’s line of perfect network software, our new product is a multifunctional solution that increases communicational opportunities for all enterprise branches and departments. Radmin CS can be used as an immediate way of communicating between helpdesk technicians, for users who submit trouble issues, as a solution for urgent consultations, and as an online conferencing or meeting tool.

Radmin CS provides two major ways for live communication: text chat and voice chat. Based on Famatech's cutting-edge technologies, Radmin CS enables users to communicate in real time, without lags or distortions.

When transmitting messages, Radmin CS uses only internal servers, so no corporate information ever leaves your corporate net, which, of course, is absolutely essential in maintaining the highest level of security.

As with other Famatech products, Radmin CS supports Windows Security, so the rights for Radmin CS may be specified for different users, including users on the local computer, primary domains, trusted domains, and Active Directories. Alternatively Radmin CS also provides its own scheme of user permissions. For data stream encryption Radmin uses AES with 256 bit key size.

A full description of Radmin CS functionality is at the Radmin CS homepage.

Radmin CS beta version is available for external testing. Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated. If you would like to get Radmin CS for testing, please register on our web site and download Radmin CS beta.

If you find a bug just send in a bug report so we can correct the error. The bug report form is available here.

Your suggestions and comments are always welcome. We are very interested in your ideas and proposals on possible improvements to our software!

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