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Famatech releases Radmin 3.3 with Intel® AMT (Active Management Technology) Support


Famatech releases Radmin 3.3 with Intel® AMT (Active Management Technology) Support

Famatech, a world leader in remote control software, has released Radmin 3.3. The new version now supports Intel® AMT (Active Management Technology), a remote control technology, which is integrated into the hardware component of PC based on Intel® vPro™ platform. The AMT support capability means that Radmin 3.3 is now able to switch on, restart and shut down the remote computer. It also enables the user to view and change the BIOS settings of the remote computer and to boot it from local or network disk.

By using the new Radmin 3.3 software system administrators can connect to a remote computer even when it is turned off making all the tasks more efficient. In the event that the remote computer suffers an operating system failure on the remote computer an administrator can simply obtain access to the text-mode remote screen during its' boot-up process and restore the OS.

"Close cooperation with software developers is one of Intel's key activities, and integrating support of the remote control technology of the Intel® vPro™ platform into Radmin is a great example of this," says Alexey Rogachkov, Regional Architecture Specialist of Intel. "The results of this cooperation gives Radmin users new capabilities, providing remote control over computers with the Intel® vPro™ processor technology, even when the computer is turned off or doesn't have an operating system."

"Our goal is to make a system administrators' work easier and more efficient. With Radmin 3.3 almost every action with the PC can be done remotely," says Dmitry Znosko, CEO of Famatech International Corporation. "Since Radmin Viewer is free, our product is the first remote control software solution that provides the AMT functionality at no charge."

Radmin 3.3 is available for download at http://www.radmin.com

Read more about Intel® AMT features in Radmin 3.3 at http://www.radmin.com/products/radmin/intel_amt_features.php

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