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Famatech has started a holiday campaign


Famatech has started a holiday campaign

Famatech has started a new campaign: buy two Radmin licenses and get 60% off the price for the second copy!

Famatech wishes its users Happy Holidays and much success in the new year of 2009. We thank you for your loyal support and we sincerely hope Radmin made your life simpler and your business more efficient.

During the holidays, Famatech has a special campaign* for its home users: from the 15th until the 22nd of December you will be able to buy two Radmin 3 standard licenses with a 60 per cent discount for the second copy!

Radmin makes a great gift for people who know excellent software, but also for those who are not very computer literate because, for all of its power, Radmin is very easy to use. Radmin lets users work remotely from home or from a hotel room while on business trips. Radmin is also indispensable when helping children or other users remotely if they have any problems with their PC.

* The discount is available only to individual customers. Radmin licenses at this discounted price are available for purchase only from the online store on the official Famatech web-site at www.radmin.com.

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