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Radmin Celebrates Its 10th Birthday


Radmin Celebrates Its 10th Birthday

The world-famous remote control software solution receives abundant best wishes.

Developed in 1999, Radmin (Remote Administrator) became an overnight success due to its unequalled speed and well thought out security system. During the past ten years Radmin not only maintained its lead, it has received overwhelming recognition from PC users all over the world. The geographic scale of Radminís expansion has been permanently enlarging and now includes 27 localizations of the major world languages.

Program development has always kept ahead of the times. The latest version of Radmin supports all the topical trends of the IT-market, including Intelís AMT technology. From its very first appearance on the market right up to today, Radmin has attracted the attention of the most authoritative journalists and has achieved first place in test after independent test.

More than a decade of patient and accurate labor from Famatechís team applying the most innovative technologies with real care about user comfort and security has enabled Radmin to become one of the most popular remote access software solutions in the world.

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