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"Radmin Wanted" Campaign Completed


"Radmin Wanted" Campaign Completed

Famatech strikes the final balance of the "Radmin Wanted" campaign.

In July 2008 Famatech, one of the leaders in remote control software development, started an international campaign called "Radmin Wanted". To participate a user had to send to Famatech a photo of a public terminal screen that clearly shows a Radmin icon in its system tray. Each participant received a free Radmin 3 license.

During the campaign Famatech was sent photos taken in many different countries from Russia to Indonesia. Team Famatech is very thankful to its customers for their permanent activity and attention to its projects. This wide geography of Radmin usage demonstrates its importance and popularity. Radmin icons were found in bank machines and airport vision panels. This shows once again that Radmin is THE choice of those who care about security, reliability and speed of work. Our customers include: United States Air Force, NATO, the US Government’s General Services Administration and Boeing.

Each participant of "Radmin Wanted" received as many free licenses as the photos they sent. Team Famatech thanks all users for taking part in the campaign and sincerely hopes that Radmin enables you to solve everyday tasks easier and faster than ever before.

The photos sent to Famatech during the campaign can be viewed here. Keep following our news at www.radmin.com, Team Famatech is preparing new interesting campaigns that will start soon!

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