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Famatech releases Radmin Deployment Tool 1.1


Famatech releases Radmin Deployment Tool 1.1

Famatech, a world leader in remote access software development, has released its new version of Radmin Deployment Tool for the deployment of Radmin on large local networks.

Radmin software is widely used to remotely support and administer computers in medium and large corporate networks. To make the installation and set-up of Radmin on multiple workstations easy and fast, Famatech created the free Radmin Deployment Tool. This tool includes Radmin MSI Configurator, which enables the installations of Radmin on computers with preset configurations.

Famatech has released the new version 1.1 of Radmin Deployment Tool. Its many new features include support for the popular operating system Windows 7 (both 32- and 64-bit) and improvements of its scanning algorithms that describe the Radmin installations over an entire network. Its user interface has been made more convenient, also.

"There is an increasing interest in Radmin remote access software from companies that own thousands of computers, such as banks with distributed branches. A manual installation of Radmin on these extensive networks could take several days without Radmin Deployment Tool. We value our customers' feedback and improved Radmin Deployment Tool to make Radmin installation within a corporate network much easier and to help system administrators in their job." - Dmitry Znosko, CEO of Famatech Corporation.

Radmin Deployment Tool is free of charge and enables system administrators to deploy Radmin on large networks doing much of the job automatically. Radmin Deployment Tool provides local network scanning and viewing of the computers that have Radmin Server installed or running. The software enables the Admin to easily install, upgrade, delete or activate Radmin Server on any computer on the network.

Download Radmin Deployment Tool at http://www.radmin.com/download/

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