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Meet the Radmin Communication Server


Meet the Radmin Communication Server
Moscow, Russia (28 September 2005) - Famatech announces the release of Radmin Communication Server 3.0, the new solution for real-time corporate communications featuring embedded voice and text chats. Unlike many popular messaging tools that are frequently exploited and hijacked, Radmin Communication Server 3.0 provides rock solid security built right into its core.


Text Chat:

- Absolutely private instant messaging
- Multi-user, real-time text chat conversations
- Custom fonts, text colors, text sizes, and nicknames

Voice Chat:

- Private, real-time voice chat conversations (VoIP analog)
- Multi-user, real-time voice chat conversations
- Conference mode with microphone queue
- Short text messaging (SMS)
- Customizable voice quality to save bandwidth and traffic


- Creation of multiple public and private channels
- Channel protection with user and operator passwords
- No interaction with external server required (unlike many popular IMs)
- Windows 9x/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003 compatible

Security System:

- Supports Windows Security, to limit remote access to specific users or groups, including users on the local computer, primary domains, trusted domains and Active Directories
- For user authentication and session key setups, a modified Diffie-Hellman exchange (with a 2048-bit key size!!) is used
- All data streams are encrypted by AES with a 256-bit key size
- A unique 256-bit key is generated upon each connection for unsurpassed, rock solid protection
- An IP filter table restricts access to specific IP addresses and networks

Our new product provides all the benefits of a messaging tool for enterprises without the slightest risk to your corporate security.

Availability and Licensing Policy

Famatech offers optimal licensing schemes for medium-sized businesses and organizations. The server component of Radmin Communication Server, provides a simultaneous connection for 50 users and is available for only $175. The client component (to be installed on the end-user PC) is free of charge. Additional access license packages for 50 users are only $125.

Detailed information on Radmin Communication Server 3.0 is available at http://www.famatech.com or by phone +1 (866) 602-6412

Press release: http://www.famatech.com/press/releases/detail.php?ID=601

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