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Norstat optimizes distributed IT operations with Radmin


Norstat optimizes distributed IT operations with Radmin

Famatech, a world leader in remote control software development, announces the implementation of Radmin (Remote Administrator) by Norstat, a leading data collector in the Nordic region.

Norstat’s market and industry research activities depend on an efficient, smooth-running centrally-managed IT infrastructure. "We chose Radmin for its efficiency and ease of use," says Bjarte Løchen, IT Manager at Norstat.

Norstat is a professional market survey company. Data collection and processing therefore are fundamental to the company’s business. Norstat’s 2,500 employees at its 21 locations in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Baltic states and Poland are supported by a network of 80 servers – a centralized VMWare server farm in Norway comprising about 40 VMServers plus another 40 servers (1-3 per remote location) running MS WinServer 2003 or 2008 – which are interconnected via an IP VPN. Approximately 900 shared desktop and laptop computers are used in the various locations. Radmin enabled the company to support and administer its entire far-flung IT infrastructure remotely from its head office in Larvik, Norway, manage its network computers and servers, move files of data compiled by multiple company branches, and monitor computer displays at telephone interviewer workstation during the research process.

"Radmin has proven to be a valuable tool for managing and maintaining both servers and PCs on our VPN. Without such a tool it would be impossible to support the organization", says Løchen.

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