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Famatech launches new Partner Portal


Famatech launches new Partner Portal

Famatech has radically changed its online support for Radmin sales partners, creating a portal with unique services designed to maximize partner success.

The new "Partner Portal" has been optimized to ensure that Famatech’s resellers are effectively supported at every step of the sales process. Registered partners have easy and speedy access to current information about Radmin, and partner prospects can learn about Famatech’s partner programs.

Authorized users of the new portal now have access to the following features:
  • Current price list: Containing pricing for every type of license, this list is updated regularly to ensure that partners can access the latest information at any time.
  • Online calculator: Users simply enter the number of computers to be licensed, and the calculator computes the number of licenses needed and the cost.
  • Sales guide: This downloadable document offers recommendations for improving sales and provides full information on the Radmin product, popular applications, target audience and licensing policy.
  • Partner news: Contains timely and helpful information about new versions, updated marketing materials, partners and events.
  • Online training: Partners can take the "Effective Radmin Sales" training course online and test their knowledge of the product. If they pass the test, they receive a certificate from Famatech showing that they successfully completed the course.
  • Advertising materials and graphics: Logos, boxes, screenshots, banners plus templates, product descriptions, case studies, presentations, demos, etc are available for downloading.

"The launch of this radically updated resource is one more initiative to ensure the sales success of our valued partners. We are always looking for efficient ways to help them sell Radmin more effectively," said Maxim Znosko, vice-president of Famatech.

To learn more about the Partner Portal and to register, visit www.radmin.com/partners

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