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Try your luck with Radmin: a contest for sysadmins!


Try your luck with Radmin: a contest for sysadmins!

Dear sysadmins! Today is the 29th of July, Friday, which can mean only one thing. This day belongs to you as Sysadmin Day! We at Famatech salute each and every one of you, and hope you celebrate this Day to the fullest! We have prepared valuable gifts and prizes for you. In honor of System Administrator’s Day, we present our special holiday contest, "Try your luck with Radmin". Over 14 days you will be able to compete with other sysadmins, get the free Radmin 3 license and win the 1 terabyte hard drive.

To take part in the contest you have to pass a basic knowledge test about system administration. Some questions require a little ingenuity and expertise, and others demand a creative approach. Each participant who successfully completes the test will receive an icon showing the number of points scored and his ranking (Guru, Pro or Expert of System Administration), as well as a chance to win the first prize. Every tenth participant will be sent a free license for Radmin 3. Good luck!

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