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The contest «Try your luck with Radmin» is over: the winners announced


The contest «Try your luck with Radmin» is over: the winners announced

The panel of experts has announced the winners of the contest "Try your luck with Radmin".

The contest hold in honor of Sysadmin Day lasted for 2 weeks. More than 500 admins from different countries including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Brasil etc. took part in it. 30% of those participants who successfully passed the contest test became Professionals, 42% - Experts and 22% of admins were awarded the title of Guru of System Administration.

All the participants had to answer a 13-question test on basic knowledge of system administration. The last free-answer question required a little ingenuity and original approach and helped to determine the first prize winner. The question asked was how, in the opinion of the contestants, should a system administrators spend most of their time, and why? Almost 60% of the participants answered that mostly they should "do monitoring and preventative maintenance on the servers and systems on the network" because "prevention is always preferable to treating the symptoms". One in five of the admins thought they should spend their time "reading and learning", as they should "be prepared and ready for changes in the field and always stay one step ahead of hackers". Another popular answer was that admins should spend most of their time resting: watching movies, playing games, "drinking beer, because that proves they are good!"

Free Radmin licenses have been sent via e-mail to every tenth participant who successfully completed the quiz. Denis Gosselin, an analyst programmer from Quebec, Canada became the first prize winner and got the 1 terabyte hard drive. According to the panel of experts he gave the most thorough and original answer to the last question.

To find out more information on the first prize winner’s answer and contest results visit the contest page.

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