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Here are some of our plans for the near future:

  • Further product optimizations, faster speed, additional flexibility, and new work-modes for Radmin.

  • Increase functionality to make Radmin widely recognized as the most powerful tool for remote control and network management on the market

  • Continue work on Radmin's security features to maintain Radmin’s position as the safest network management tool.

  • Improve usability and further simplify the software to keep Radmin the best tool for remote helpdesk service.

  • Establish new higher standards of quality for remote control and telecommuting software.

  • Further develop unique new technologies in the remote access and video screen capturing fields for later implementation in our new products.

  • Create a new line of network administration software products.

  • Expand our support package to include more countries and languages.

  • Support and popularize remote learning software for educational processes in universities and other academic institutions with special low cost licensing programs.

  • Develop special programs that will help handicapped people to get gainfully employed with the help of remote access software.

  • Actively participate and sponsor international conferences, trade shows and other events devoted to software development.
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