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Editorial Review of Advanced LAN Scanner

September 2009
Preston Gralla

If you're a techie and have more than one PC at work or home on a network sharing a single Internet connection, you'll welcome this freebie, which offers surprisingly powerful scanning capabilities. Use it for everything from troubleshooting Internet connections, to network configuration, to making sure your PCs are as safe as possible when they're on the Internet.

Editorial Review of Advanced IP Scanner

September 2009
Preston Gralla

Need a quick and no-fuss way to list every device on your network, including the IP address and other information about each? Then give this small, free, simple-to-use utility a try. It performs a lightning-fast scan of all IP addresses on your network, or of all devices in an IP range you specify. It then tells you what devices are at what address, and lets you know whether the devices is currently live or idle. It also provides the device's status, machine name, NetBIOS information, ping information, and MAC address of every machine.

Managing the remote worker

October 2008
Anton Levchuk, Personnel Management

With more of us wanting to run our own race rather than the rat race, remote working is now used as a tool to attract and retain good staff. But managing employees working outside the office is a real skill.

Software Vendors Unite In Ongoing Battle For Safe And Legal Digital World

October 29, 2008

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) today announces 12 software vendors as new members. Altium, Babylon, Centennial Software, Corel, CyberLink, Famatech, LINKService, Materialise Software, Quark, Quest Software, Ringler-Informatik and Scalable Software join the ranks of leading software and hardware companies in supporting the BSA's drive towards a safe and legal digital world.

Russia Edges China as Top Malware Source

February 23, 2008
John E. Dunn, PC World

For the second time in a week, Russia has been named and shamed for its rising profile as a global malware hub. An expert of Russian software industry, Dmitry Kurashev, gives his view on the the situation.

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