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Radmin for people with disabilities

Radmin equal opportunity

Famatech makes its contribution to the cause of social support of disabled people. The aim of our social program is to help people with mobility disabilities to widen the range of their professional skills with Radmin, a remote control software solution. Under this support program we provide a free license to every person with locomotor disability (please see the conditions of the program below).

Send a request for a free Radmin license Ľ

In this age of information technologies Radmin provides people with disabilities an opportunity to work without leaving home. Tasks, which can be done with Radmin, are extremely varied. Below is just a small list of such options:

  • remote working, by connecting to your office PC;
  • remote technical support, by helping clients, relatives and friends;
  • remote system administrating;
  • remote teaching and learning.

How we started our support of people with disabilities

From time to time we get mails from people with disabilities, who ask for a Radmin license. Here is one of the first mails we received in 2005:

Hello, my name is Alexey Fomin. I have a disability group 1 and use a wheel chair. I have a server (Celeron 300) at home for connecting to the Internet, my neighbor and I both use it. I control the server with your software, Radmin 2.2. Unfortunately, I canít buy it, because my disability pension is small and my work is occasional :). Therefore Iíd like to ask you to give me a license key to your product as a gift.
Thank you in advance.
P.S. I can send you a scan of my disability certificate, if needed.
Best regards Alexey Fomin. 13.10.2005

Unfortunately, many people with disabilities hesitate to write us and ask for a free license key or just donít rely upon our understanding. That is why we decided to show initiative and tell people, how our product can help them.

How to get a free Radmin license key

To get a free Radmin license, you simply need to fill out our web-form, attach to it a copy of your disability certificate (scan or digital photo), which should include an incapacity of your bodyís mobility system.

Conditions and limitations of the campaign

  1. The disability must be connected to problems of mobility. Each case is considered individually, we always can make an exception.
  2. For one disability certificate we give a single Radmin license for one remote computer.
  3. Radmin license key is personal, filled in with the disabled personís name and is not to be sold or given to a third party.
  4. This social program of supporting people with physical disabilities is not limited by time or space.

Equal opportunity

Please tell those who might need it about our social program. Also you can place one of our banners on your web site or blog. Together we will make this world better!

Radmin equal opportunity
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