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Radmin Remote Access Software - Testimonials


Here are some of the many letters sent to us by our users. These are unsolicited user opinions about Radmin and represent only a fraction of the many testimonials we receive weekly.

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"I just wanted to give a shout out as Radmin's TELNET feature is really helping me support my clients who became victims of harmful processes (fake antivirus screens etc.), that disable Windows's ‘task manger’ and even the ‘command prompt’ among other things. This makes stopping whatever service or app from running just about impossible.. At the desktop, I literally have my hands tied.. If I could just get to a prompt I could use Window's tasklist and taskkill commands. But they can't be accessed via' the compromised desktop.

Enter Radmin's TELNET. While remoted into the a user's desktop, I open a second connection with Telnet. Issue the tasklist command. Locate the offending executable and note it's process number. Then simply type ‘taskkill /f /pid xxxx’. ShaZamm! What has taken over the user's desktop is stopped dead in its tracks. Freeing me up to switch to the desktop and use Task manager etc.

It seems simple now, but I never thought of working from behind the scenes. It even works when the user's pc is apparently jammed or balled up.. seemingly frozen or consumed with one program. I look for the offending task and kill or stop whatever it is…

I'm sure that you have clients that, like me, have yet to use this technique. To simply use Radmin to get out of various jams. And not only just to access a desktop remotely. Or said another way, I use Radmin as much for remote control as I do for bailing a computers out of trouble when access to the desktop has been compromised. When the desktop is no longer usable."

Randy Rasmussen
Long Beach, Ca.


Spiro Angeli, Sirius Hotel "...I often time administer servers/workstations or work on software that runs on remote PCs. Microsoft Remote Access Desktop is not so comfortable when it comes to speed and response time and really makes you feel away from the PC. After Google research I found Radmin being the only application that really makes me feel like "in front of the physical PC." As always, there are features I would like to see in the upcoming releases, like the clipboard management between local and remote PC, and few others features. Overall, I would highly recommend it. Moreover, contrary to TeamViewer (as an example) I am able to purchase Radmin in small quantities especially for those small businesses where let's say only need 3 licenses."

Spiro Angeli
Sirius Hotel


Use it to Transfer Files "Radmin server and client: works great! I use it to transfer files I am working on at the university to my home computer each afternoon and then I transfer updated files from home back to my university computer. I use it at least once a day. It is much more direct than copying files onto a USB drive (especially if I were to forget to copy an important file)."

F. James Rohlf
Stony Brook University


Radmin is Easy to Use to Access PC Remotely "Radmin is pretty useful, and easy to use. The IP scanner also."

A.T. Duijff
Duijff en Hunneman


Software developers Use Radmin Remote Administrator "I love radmin. I have been using it for years."

Patrick Forrester
Software Developer
VirtualBoss Inc. Scheduling software


Businessmen Use Radmin for Remote Access "Radmin is a wonderful product."

Julio Ernesto Guardia Romani
Business man
AGE Systems


Company Owner Uses Radmin to Help Agents Remotely "We are using RAdmin since a couple of years in our Call Center to help our agents and to save time, when there are problems. But also our computer department loves your products: the IP-Scanner is a very helpful tool for our technicians, when they are working in customer networks. We are happy to use your software!!"

Gerhard K. Hammermueller
Company Owner
Office Competence Center, Wiener Neustadt, Austria


Radmin is a Solution for Remote Client Support "We support clients throughout New Zealand - including some exceptionally remote locations down the bottom of the South Island that would be too cold and too difficult to visit. Radmin is simple and efficient, and much easier than mucking around with VPN, Zywall etc."

Jon Donald
Amtrax Ltd


I read you will offer Radmin for free to people with disabilities. I highly commend you on this progressive action.

I have a spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis and as a result spend a few more hours in bed than I would otherwise because I need people to help me to bed and if I stayed up as late as I wanted they would probably not help me! So, I go to bed with unfinished computer business but with Radmin I can keep working on my desktop from my laptop as long as I want. This has helped me immensely.

Radmin is so stable and it's the best solution I have used for remote access. I look forward to further improvements I read about on your support section.

Personally, I will happily continue to pay for Radmin because I can but I know others less able to do so than me will really appreciate your action.

Garry Bartsch


I just wanted to let you know that this is just simply a great product. For a small business it saves so much time not requiring one to go from PC to PC to trouble shoot, run various programs, helping with customer questions and more. Thank you.

Clarke Smith

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