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Radmin 3 Activation


Activating Radmin is simple and straightforward and doesn’t require any specialist knowledge. You can choose between automatic or manual activation depending on whether the computer with the installed Radmin 3 is connected to the Internet.

Radmin 3 can be activated from either the server side (Radmin Server 3) or the client side (Radmin Viewer 3). The latter is best suitable for local networks where the work stations access the Internet through a single gateway or proxy server.

Now the new Radmin 3 is even more reliable and secure than ever before. The details on how Radmin 3 protects itself against intrusion attempts are as follows:

Radmin on a large network

Radmin is a very popular program used by many thousands of customers all over the world. Among them are Fortune 500 companies that have intranet segments located on different continents. Their success stories about using Radmin prove that the product is as simple to deploy and activate as it is to use.

Using Radmin Deployment Tool utilities

Radmin Deployment Tool (RDT) is available free of charge and includes three utilities developed by Famatech in order to streamline Radmin installations and activations on large local networks. When using Radmin Deployment Tool the installation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Customizing the installation file.

    Radmin MSI Configurator, one of the utilities included in RDT, enables you to customize an MSI file. With it you can:
    • Replace Radmin Server default settings with your own values. After the installation Radmin Server will use those new settings.
    • Set the IP address and port of Radmin Activation Server (see below).
    • Specify the Radmin Server license key.
    • Set ‘Retry interval’ as a number of seconds between activation attempts.

    Even though some users tend to use simple passwords, Radmin still remains safe. Attempts to guess the password are detected and effectively blocked by the program.

  2. Using Radmin Deployment Tool.

    This is another tool included in the kit which helps you to perform automatic installations of Radmin Server on a local network. An MSI file (created at step 1 above) can be used here.

  3. Radmin Activation Server (RAS).

    This program was developed to simplify the activation of Radmin Server on a large network. RAS should be installed on a computer with Internet access within a local network. The name of this computer along with a Radmin Server license key is specified in the MSI file during configuration as described in Step 1 above. After a Radmin Server copy is installed anywhere on the network it will automatically connect to RAS and activate. If the computer is disconnected from the network, the activation will be postponed until the computer is connected to the network again.

Detailed instructions on how to deploy Radmin on a local network using Radmin Deployment Tool are available at Famatech website.


No matter how many Radmin Server copies you need to install and activate – the whole process is simple and well documented. We at Famatech recommend using Radmin Activation Server (RAS) if you need to deploy Radmin on a large corporate network.

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