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Radmin v3.3 with Intel® AMT support


Intel® AMT technology introduces a new line of PC motherboards with hardware remote control capabilities.

Traditional remote control solutions could control a computer only if the computer’s operating system was running and configured. Intel® AMT removes this limitation and allows the control of a remote computer that is turned off, has no operating system installed or if its operating system hangs. Such functionality is provided by a special add-on processor on the motherboard that can handle incoming network requests for many useful tasks. Even if the computer is turned off, the add-on processor will work on stand-by power provided the computer’s power cord is plugged in.

The new free version of Radmin Viewer supports Intel® AMT and allows the manipulating of a remote computer even if it’s turned off or you cannot start its operating system.

  1. Cold Restart

    Radmin can restart a remote computer even if the operating system is not responding. Cold restarting brings the remote computer back from a ‘hang’ caused by a ‘Blue Screen’ error state, network configuration failures or any other problems.

  2. Turn On

    Radmin can turn on a remote computer if its power cord is plugged in. This is very helpful for companies in which the employees often tend to switch computers off. A system administrator can remotely turn on a computer using Intel® AMT, connect to it using Radmin’s Full Control mode and perform administrative tasks.

  3. Cold Turn Off

    Radmin can turn off a remote computer even if its operating system is not responding. This feature is helpful if the remote computer is not directly accessible.

  4. BIOS Remote Control

    With Intel® AMT technology Radmin can reboot a remote computer into BIOS and work with the computer’s BIOS settings remotely. This functionality enables remote troubleshooting of hardware problems, setting boot device priority or fine-tuning motherboard settings.

  5. Startup Remote Control

    Radmin can reboot a remote computer and take control of its text mode boot process. The user can view text messages on the boot screen or activate advanced motherboard features like RAID controller settings. The user can also interact with the operating system’s startup screen by hitting the F8 key and then selecting the operating system’s startup options such as ‘safe mode’ or ‘last known good configuration’.

  6. Network Boot

    One of the most exciting Intel® AMT features supported by Radmin is the remote network boot. Radmin Viewer enables the remote computer to boot from a local computer’s CDROM/ floppy drive or ISO/floppy image file. The entire boot process is interactive and keyboard keys are sent directly to the remote computer. This functionality also enables you to use a recovery console, perform maintenance, use software that boots from a CD-Rom like memtest or install an operating system remotely.


With all these functions new Radmin extends remote control beyond the operating system limits and enables system administrators and technical support experts to perform tasks even if a remote computer’s operating system is not accessible or pre-boot activities are required.

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