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The questions with boxes are multiple-answer questions and allow multiple selections. The questions with circles allow only one answer.

1. Radmin is a software solution for...

2. What actions can Radmin users perform on remote computers?

3. Radmin allows remote computer access...

4. Which connection mode allows the user to view the screen of a remote computer and control that computer’s operations?

5. What features are available in the Radmin File Transfer connection mode?

6. Where should Radmin Server be installed?

7. Which actions are required after Radmin Server has been installed on the remote computer?

8. Where are the details for establishment of the remote connection stored?

9. What kind of information is required to set up a remote connection?

10. How can a remote connection be established with a local area network computer if it doesn’t have an external IP address?

11. If a remote computer is running Comodo Internet Security firewall...

12. Complete this sentence correctly: "The Radmin trial version...

13. Which of the following remote screen view modes exists in Radmin?

14. How to speed up Radmin on a low-bandwidth channel?

15. Can you be sure that a help desk specialist given full access to your remote PC will not be able to connect remotely when you are absent?

16. Is it possible that the Radmin Server user would not know about the remote connection to his computer?

17. Which connection types allow text messages to be sent to users?

18. Which connection type can be used if the remote computer is turned off?

19. Choose the correct statement:

20. In which situations should you use the Radmin option "Connect through host"?

21. Is it possible to connect to a remote computer using Radmin without re-entering the password each time?

22. Which of the following methods provide protection from unauthorized access to Radmin Server?

23. What is the Radmin Deployment tool used for?

24. Is it possible to run a quick connection to a remote computer using Radmin without using the Radmin Viewer address book?

25. In which situations would you be rescued by connecting to a remote PC in Radmin Telnet mode?

26. What is the Radmin Activation Server program used for?

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