Determine if you have a Copyrighted version of Radmin Software


1. How to distinguish a legal copy of Radmin from a pirated copy?

When looking in the system tray in the right bottom corner find the icon with letter «R». Move the mouse cursor over this Radmin icon and right click it. After the dialogue box appears, click on the word «About». You will then see the name (of person or company) for whom Radmin is licensed (For example: License Information, Name: Famatech, License ID: 12345-45612345-1232154)

Example of the «About» window in different Radmin versions
Remote Administrator 2.x Radmin 3.x
Remote Administrator 2.x - System tray icon Radmin 3.x - System tray icon
Remote Administrator 2.x - About Radmin 3.x - About

2. If the «Licensee information» field is empty or does not correspond to your companys name or the registrants name this may indicate an illegal copy of Radmin Software.

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