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Famatech Reseller Program


Famatech Reseller Program for Radmin software is available to Software Resellers, System Integrators, IT Helpdesk and Service Providers, Consultancies and other software related businesses. We streamlined the process of reseller registration in order to avoid any delays with delivery of our products to your clients. Our resellers receive all necessary technical and marketing support from Famatech so it’s easy to quickly capitalize on our technology.

How to apply?

If you are ready to start reselling Famatech products you need to fill out this Application Form. The information submitted will be processed through our secure server. Once your application is approved, you will be contacted by your account manager and receive access to the Partner Portal of our corporate site. This is where you will find important information for resellers such as product information, marketing materials, prices as well as ordering of Radmin products with your reseller discount.

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How does it work?


Famatech Reseller Program offers resellers to join Standard, Silver and Gold levels:

  • Standard level does not require any special terms or contracts and it offers 20% standard discount off the end user prices. Standard resellers can be upgraded to Silver and Gold levels based on their performance. (*)

  • Silver level provides more flexibility to resellers by raising their commission to 30% discount off the end user prices. Upgrade to the Silver level requires commitment to reach an agreed sales volume of Radmin for a certain time period and/or fulfillment of an agreed market development plan. Silver resellers can be later upgraded to the Gold level.

  • Gold level is only available to the resellers that collaborate closely with Famatech in the areas of joint business development, closing of large sales in regional markets, local advertising and media relations as well as contributing to the growth of the channel partnerships. Gold level of partnership is a subject to individual discount rates.

* Famatech reserves the right to change the reseller status based on the level of reseller business activity as well as modify the requirements for each of the reseller levels.


If you have additional questions regarding our Reseller Program, please contact us using our Feedback Form.

  • IBM, Sony, HP, Samsung
  • US Air Force
  • Bank of New York
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • The Boeing Company
  • University of Calgary
All clients
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