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New Radmin 3.0 From Famatech Corporation Provides Freedom and Security During Elevated Terror Alerts


Newly Elevated Terror Alerts and Airline Restrictions Underscore the Value of Famatech Corporation’s New Radmin 3.0 Remote Desktop Access – The Only Truly Impenetrable Remote Control Solution Available for Both Corporate and Individual Users

Moscow, August 28, 2006 – Facing long security lines while traveling, coupled with the fear of relinquishing a laptop containing sensitive documents to the whims of careless baggage-handlers, means both corporate and individual users are wise to have a back-up plan. Homeland security officials are asking airline passengers to pack their laptops in checked bags to expedite the inspection process. However, with the new Radmin 3.0 ( from Famatech, a traveler can swiftly pass through to their departure gate and leave their computer safely at home or in the office - and connect to all its information using any remote computer. With security now a daily top-of-mind issue, users are assured Radmin 3.0 provides robust and comprehensive protection from identity theft and hackers while they work online just as if sitting in front of their laptop.

“Americans are facing new security restrictions making it impossible to bring a bottle of water on a trip – let alone the hassle of a computer,” said Dmitry Kurashev, President of Famatech Corporation. “ No one wants to check a laptop and worry the entire flight if it will be stolen, lost or damaged. With our highly secure all-new Radmin 3.0, an individual can move through security faster and relax knowing that once they reach their destination, they will have fast, easy and unmatched secure access to their entire desktop – from absolutely any Windows computer.”

The new Radmin 3.0 is the latest version of the award-winning remote control software from Famatech Corporation – whose security and protection feature is frequently referred to as “paranoid” on security-related online forums. Users are guaranteed the highest level of privacy and security on all remote connections.

Radmin 3.0 provides the following unique advantages over all competitive software products:

  • A Diffie-Hellman based key exchange with a huge 2048 bit key size, data integrity protection and randomly generated key for each connection make authorization completely immune to any kind of attack – including the “man in the middle” assault.
  • Unlike competitive products, Radmin Server does not save a password – instead it saves the password “hash” that is used for authorization. Passwords are never saved and not transmitted over networks.
  • If Radmin Security is selected, Radmin Server provides complete support for user profiles. Each user is securely identified by user name and password. Each user can have access rights that are configured for different connection types.
  • All transferred data is protected using strong 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Special built-in delays prevent online attempts to guess a password.
  • To ensure maximum security, Radmin Server can be configured to allow connections only from specified IP addresses.
  • Radmin Server can be configured to ask a remote user to confirm the connection.
  • Radmin Server protects its configuration from unauthorized changes. It is not possible for a user without administrator rights to change Radmin Server settings.
  • Radmin Server must be configured to use either Windows security or username and password protection. It is impossible to configure Radmin Server for public access without a password or activating Windows authentication.
  • Radmin has a highly secure, self-testing code that makes it impossible to modify the program’s executable files.
  • Radmin Server logs connection attempts into a system event log or text file. The log can be used to monitor suspicious activity.

    “Chances are these new travel restrictions are here to stay – and perhaps will even become more strict,” continues Kurashev. “Eventually both corporate and individual travelers will realize they do not need a laptop at all with the impenetrable security and great freedom Radmin 3.0 provides.”

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