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Famatech Releases Radmin 3.1 Remote Control Software Supporting Microsoft’s 64-bit Windows Operating Systems


Moscow, Russia, November 13, 2007 – Famatech, a leading provider of fast and secure remote control software for desktop and server management, has launched Radmin 3.1. The popular Radmin, Remote Administrator, now supports Microsoft Corporation’s 64-bit Vista, 2003 and XP operating systems for remote access and control in IT server management, in addition to IT desktop management. Authorizing the enabling technology, Microsoft has digitally signed Radmin’s 64-bit video hook driver, developed by the Famatech team who also authored Radmin’s innovative video technology, DirectScreenTransfer™

Key new development and updates in Radmin 3.1 include Local Activation Server and Proxy-server support as well as support for Microsoft’s Vista’s User Access Control (UAC).

Radmin Server’s backing of Radmin Activation Server, enables system administrators in large corporate networks to easily deploy and activate Radmin Server. Proxy-server is supported when activating Radmin Server copy. A user will be able to enter a login and password to bypass the proxy server.

Radmin 3.1’s programming interface, integration and implementation is coded in respect of Vista’s new programming standards and fully supports remote work with all alerts and messages of the UAC. Radmin transfers the ‘secure desktop’ image, darkening a screen every time a user confirmation is required. Administrators located remotely can confirm all UAC alerts with all applications having different privilege levels.

“Radmin is renowned around the world for its speed and reliability,” says Dmitry Kurashev, President of Famatech International Corporation. “Radmin 3.1 64-bit version will enable the IT administrator to be even more productive and efficient with desktop and server management tasks.”

Radmin 3.1 is also now compatible with Fast User Switching (FUS) and seamlessly integrates with NTLM/Kerberos and Active Directory as well as Vista’s “Services Isolation” feature where Windows services cannot interact with users by design. Radmin handles this new standard by separating its service and user interface components. FUS allows a network administrator to connect to a remote computer under his/her own account or a different user’s account.

Famatech has also added many key trimming enhancements to Radmin 3.1. Titles of Full Control and View Only Windows now start with the connection name to distinguish remote computers and Radmin Viewer is now compatible with Wine, enabling remote control from Linux workstations. Also, right-to-left language support has been added, namely for Arabic and Hebrew, and new installations will replace previous ones while retaining server settings. Lastly, automatically upon install, redundant video hook drivers are removed and an exception rule for the Radmin port in the Windows Firewall settings is created.

About Famatech

Famatech, founded in 1999, is the leading maker of remote control software for desktop and server management around the world. Famatech’s award-winning technologies enable IT professionals to quickly provide quality remote support, help desk services and network management. Famatech has broadened its offerings to include native Vista and 64-bit server support, advanced security options, collaboration tools, and multi-language support within its Radmin® brand. Radmin®, DirectScreenTransfer™ and Famatech®, are registered trademarks of Famatech International Corporation. All rights are reserved.

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