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Radmin celebrates its 10th birthday


Radmin, well known around the world for its combination of high speed, reliability and security, has entered its second decade.

Radmin was developed by Dmitry Znosko in 1999 as a greatly improved alternative to the existing remote control software. Due to its innovative technologies, such as Video Hook Driver, Radmin burst out of the gate and ran much faster than its contemporaries. From the very first Radmin excelled for its reliability, user-friendly interface and ease of use. These features attracted many users and Radmin’s success on the IT market was assured.

Famatech Corp was founded for the development and promotion of Radmin. The Famatech Team worked long and hard to fulfill the avalanche of new orders coming in for its exceptional product. The list of Radmin1.0 options was brief, but the next versions of the program supported all the latest trends on the IT market. During its first decade Radmin proved its leadership over and over again by creating new functions for remote control software. Radmin has been regularly tested by journalists and observers from the most authoritative IT magazines and Internet resources and has won many awards.

Radmin remains at the top of the lists of the most popular remote control software solutions ever made, and is used by the majority of the largest companies in the world. Famatech is going to release its new version of Radmin 4.0, which promises to be even easier to use, support new interesting features and provide effective solutions to an even wider array of problems.

"Over the last 10 years we have achieved a lot. Radmin continues to be a leading remote control solution. Our aims are even more ambitious: Famatech is developing a new product, which will enable it to enter new markets. Famatech owes its success in great measure to its close-knit team. I also would like to thank our users, who have been choosing Radmin all these years and helped us to develop it the right way," says Dmitry Znosko, the CEO of Famatech.

About Famatech

Famatech, founded in 1999, is a leading maker of remote control software for desktop and server management around the world. Famatech’s award-winning technologies enable IT professionals to quickly provide quality remote support, help desk services and network management. Famatech has broadened its offerings to include native Vista, 64-bit and Windows 2008 server support, advanced security options, collaboration tools, and multi-language support within its Radmin® brand.

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